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had to do to save two children. and the mayor cancelled the new york city marathon, but it did not stop runners from participating in a bigger vent today. we will explain that. >>> good evening, i'm diane dwyer and we are on a special time because of football. with e begin with the presidential election down to the final hours now. and listen to this, the two campaigns held a combined 14 events in five states. >> two days before voters go to the polls, governor mitt romney and president obama were fighting for votes in the battleground states. >> florida, in two days, you've got a choice the make. >> the final nbc news poll before the election shows the candidates are in a dead heat. president obama with a 48 to 47% lead. but the president's handling of hurricane sandy has boosted his approval numbers. >> you don't know what crisis the next president will confront. >> in the toss up state of ohio governor romney is six points down, which is forcing him to look to other it is thes like iowa that could prove critical on the electoral map. >> we can do better. a better america. a
island through new york city with hardest hit area. now a lashing of very cold and windy weather. for us here at home, we are looking at again our cold weather and also rain fall, again arriving by thursday and also friday. we can't even rule out a few thunderstorms with that thursday and friday storm system coming our way. >> all right, afternoon forecast. >> yeah. >> 3:20. >> looking good. >> thanks, jeff. >> sure. >> a guide to watch the election results coming in tonight. we will show you and make sure you catch it on air and on line. >>> live look now at democracy plaza. brian williams and our network team will provide live coverage beginning about seven minutes from now through the night on all of the national races and of course we will bring here for all of local races. if you watch our election day coverage here on nbc bay area, our digital team will work on realtime in the second screen. we are talking about our website and mobile apps. scott has more on what we can expect and how it track owl of us. >> rod, we talk about the second screen and all sorts of events, working tonig
the radio city rockettes kicked off the parade in new york city on a chilly but sunny morning including crowd favorites including kermit and new balloons and real life stars carley ray jenson and some broadway showsshow cased their productions including the cast of cinderella, clowns, cheerleaders and dancers and marching bands, including one from the bay area. >> from california, the saratoga marching band and color guard. stunts from every continent on the globe are wepd. >> they did a fan taft iblg job. the band and color guard was one of 11 bands nationwide chosen to participate in the parade and at the end of the parade a special appearance by santa, mrs. claus and the elves who made a trip from the north pole. many of us cooked for a family today but probably not as big as the family one 15-year-old oakland boy was hosting. a lack at his special way for life. >> reporter: michael caroway believes thanks is doled out one plate at a time. four years ago when he was just 11 years old a liver transplant saved his life. >> well, it all started when my mom actually wanted it know what i
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3